Calico Cottage Fudge Kettle – Dallas, Texas – Used

Whether your looking to expand your current product offering, a way to break into the corporate gift market or looking for a unique fundraising opportunities, fudge could be your answer! The profitability of this incredible delectible dessert ranges from $9.00-12.00 a pound depending on your area.

I have added a few photos for your review as to the types of creations you can make with your Groen fudge kettle. Remember, people eat with their eyes first…then their mouths! Making your dessert appealing to the eye is one of the key factors in moving larger volumes.

In my opinion, Calico Fudge is the best product on the market and their staff are easy to work with from beginning to end! Once your order is placed for your kettle, if you have not found your representative, I would be more than happy to make the introduction.

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The Groen TDB/8-20-CFC cooker/mixer consists of a water-jacketed kettle with a motor-driven thermostat for operating control, the unit has amixer. The 20 quart tilting kettle is equipped with electronically controlled electric heaters for the jacket.

The kettleā€™s internal electric heaters provide uniform heat in three stages, with jacket temperature control over the range of 140 to 180 degF (60 to 80 degC).


  • Kettle Capacity 20 Quarts 18.8 Liters
  • Diameter 14 inches 36 cm
  • Depth 11 Inches 28 cm
  • SPACE REQUIRED (Approximate)
  • Side to Side 19 inches 48 cm
  • Vertical 30 inches 76 cm

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